Ballantine’s Finest                                                                                                                            $8

Ballantine’s Finest is a complex, refined and elegant blended Scotch whisky.  Its complexity and refinement comes from more than 50 malts, in particular the fingerprint malts from Miltonduff and Glenburgie.

Chivas Regal 12YO                                                                                                                         $10

Round and creamy on the palate.  Chivas Regal has a full, rich taste of honey and ripe apples, with vanilla, hazelnut and butterscotch notes.

Single Malt Selection

Aberlour Highland Single Malt 10YO                                                                                                $10

Dry fresh fruity aromas of early autumn apples and pears are subtly enhanced with sweet notes of vanilla and mint toffee.  An exceptionally smooth and creamy single malt, with spicysweet nutmeg and honey, with a long, soft and warming finish.

Glenfiddich 12YO                                                                                                                                   $12

Distinctively fresh and fruit with a hint of pear on the nose, developing into elements of butterscotch, cream, malt and subtle oak flavour on the palate with a smooth and mellow finish.

The Glenlivet 12YO                                                                                                                                $14

A classical Speyside style, with a soft smooth balance of sweet summer fruits and a fragrance of spring flowers with a gently warming finish.

The Glenlivet 15YO – French Oak Reserve                                                                                        $16

Beautifully structured, with a well balance interplay of fruits and spices, intense and sweet with hints of citrus fruit.  A full palate contrasts notes of ripe mango, cinnamon and white pepper, with along, creamy finish.

The Glenrothes – Select Reserve                                                                                                   $16

This speyside single malt displays ripe fruits, citrus and vanilla with a hint of spice.

The Glenlivet 18YO                                                                                                                                $20

A rich, full floral fragrance combines with a gentle fruitiness and sweetness.  A deep softness on the palate with rich floral flavours and a mellow and lingering finish.

Whisky Liqueurs

Lochan Ora                                                                                                                                               $10

The perfect liqueur’s for lovers of fine Scotch.  The only liqueur to carry the Chivas Brothers name, renowned distillers of Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky.  A subtle blend of fine Scotch whisky with over 14 herbs and spices.  No other liqueur in the world can match its unique and inimitable smoothness.